Professional Sub Consultant Architects (RA’s)

  • Sole practitioner Architect with too much work needs to hire Sub consultant Registered Architects for CDs production support.
  • Candidates must be licensed, Registered Architects in NYS.  Candidates must have a business established, even a simple “Doing Business As” (Business Alias) filed with Erie County.  Candidates must carry their own Errors and Omissions Insurance.  Candidates must be willing to learn my workflow and produce the work as I produce the work.  This may require a commitment of several hours to learn.  
  • I propose to pay Sub consultant 2/3 of the hourly rate that I will bill Clients for Sub consultant’s time.  Sub consultant may work remotely.  Some site visits will be required. I anticipate a minimum of 20 hours per week to start with a current expectation of up to 40 hours per week.  
  • For the right candidate, this may prove to be a very rewarding opportunity.  As a Sub consultant, you will earn more per hour than an employee however you will NOT be an employee and will be responsible for your own payroll taxes.  
  • Looking for the right 1 or 2 candidates to allow me to grow my practice.  If successful, candidates may be offered an equity position.