David Thomas Kazmierczak

Registered Architect

University of Detroit School of Architecture,  Warsaw Polytechnic School of Architecture

I am a sole practitioner Architect who was trained “old school” style. Having earned my Bachelor’s Degree at a time later described by the magazine Progressive Architecture as the most difficult time in fifty years to be a graduate architect, I began my career working as a freelance designer / draftsman for other sole practitioner architects, engineers, and contractors. This has proven to be a great benefit as I gained experience with a wide variety of building uses and construction types.

I attended the University of Detroit School of Architecture as an Insignis Scholarship winner and graduated in the fall of 1989. During the winter term of my sophomore year, I participated in an exchange student program with the Warsaw Polytechnic School of Architecture in Warsaw, Poland.

After receiving my license to practice Architecture in New York State in 2001, I launched my practice and have been providing Architectural services to clients throughout Western New York for projects of all sizes and building types. I work with a group of talented Professional Engineers that join my design team as required on a per project basis.

As a sole practitioner, I can more easily tailor my services to suit my client’s needs while maintaining competitive fees. My office is currently located in the City of Buffalo in the Larkin District. Our building is a century old “loft style” mixed use building located on Exchange Street next to the Hamburg Street bridge. Of late, I’ve been involved in several projects in the City and have established a good rapport with the various agencies in City Hall.

For more information about myself and my practice, I encourage you to contact me to discuss. Please see the Contact page. You can visit my Linked In profile to read recommendations from past clients.

KAZ Architecture Services

Architectural Design

Construction can be expensive. Good design sells. Good design justifies the expense.

There is a big difference between what will “work” and standard engineering practice. Architects and engineers will often butt heads with Contractors over this difference. I assist the Owner in engaging a qualified engineer when required and then coordinate the Architectural design with standard engineering requirements.

Site Planning & Land Use Studies

Construction and development are expensive and time consuming endeavors. Knowing what can and cannot easily be constructed at a particular location is critical to a successful project’s development. “Site Plans” are often required before a building permit can be issued. Presenting a project to the Planning Board (or Zoning Board of Appeals) can be a time consuming process requiring months.

Code Compliance

“Nothing is easy and there is a rule for everything” is something I tell all my Clients.

Complying with building codes, zoning ordinances, energy conservation requirements and standard engineering standards can be a complicated and convoluted undertaking. A large part of my time is spent helping Clients understand all the “rules” so that they can make informed decisions about their project.

Digital Modeling & Visualization Studies

3D communicates much better than flat 2D drawings. Communication is essential to a successful project. I incorporate 3D into my work flow to the greatest extent practical. It helps to find problems and solutions earlier rather than later.